World’s most widely used instant messaging app WhatsApp is all set to get better with the addition of two newly spotted features. These features will allow WhatsApp users to edit and revoke sent messages.

The revoke WhatsApp feature was first spotted by WABetaInfo which even tweeted screenshots to back the claim. It is currently available on WhatsApp iOS beta and even allows revoking for messages that have been read by the recipient. The feature can be used during one-on-one and group conversations. It is also said to work for both photos and videos.

The difference between the revoke and currently available delete option is that revoke will remove the message from receiver’s end as well. The current delete option deletes the message only from sender’s message and is only a local delete.

As for the ability to edit WhatsApp sent messages, it is said to become available only until the recipient has not read the message. It means once the receiver reads the message, you will not be able to edit it. Such a feature will surely be appreciated by almost every user as we all have experienced awkward and some really embarrassing situations because of typos.

The features are currently in beta which means there is no surety over when and if these will make their way to the stable WhatsApp version.