Everyone in the tech world has his eyes set on the launch of the Galaxy S8 which will be Samsung’s first flagship launch after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Samsung has a history of releasing its Galaxy flagships at the annual MWC event in Barcelona which was expected for this time as well. But as per a new report, it seems to have delayed the launch until April.

As per the new report from Naver, Samsung has plans of launching the Galaxy S8 at a separate event in April in New York. It is mentioned that Samsung wants to partner with external agencies to make sure that it has the trust of customers prior the launch. These agencies will work to find out ways to reclaim the trust which seems to have been lost since the Galaxy Note 7 failed miserably.

There is no doubt that the upcoming Galaxy S8 is an important smartphone for Samsung. It will surely be a test of Samsung’s quality assurance which proved to be a disaster in terms of the Galaxy Note 7. As for the Galaxy S8 launch, we will suggest you take this report with a pinch of salt until Samsung shares any official comment.