Google is reportedly working on three new assistive features for Android O, the next Android version. This new report is coming from VentureBeat citing a source familiar with the matter. All of these new features are aimed at improving the overall Android user experience by reducing the effort from user’s end.

The first feature is called Copy Less which will work as suggested by the name. It will work smartly to copy the relevant content and paste it automatically in the text field for the user to send. To get an idea of the future, think of two people having a discussion over selecting a place for dinner. One of them finds a restaurant on Yelp and want to share the address with the other one. This is where the feature will come into the picture and do everything from copying to pasting the address for that user.

The second feature will transform text’s relevant information in the messaging app to smart links which will redirect the user to the corresponding app. This can be better understood with the scenario where you might receive an address via text messaging. Once this feature becomes available, the user will be able to tap on the address to go to Google Maps instantly for checking directions and other information. This feature is already available on iOS and will surely be a good addition to Android.

The last reported feature planned for the next Android version is the native support for gestures like we have seen with the Huawei Mate 9. There will be different types of gestures like the ability to create a C on the screen for a faster access to the list of recent contacts.

There is no doubt that Google must be working on a lot of other changes and features for Android O, these are the three features which have been mentioned in the report. It should also be noted that the report specifically mentions that these “features might or might not make their debut in the next version of Android.”