Android creator Andy Rubin has shared the first look of his upcoming bezel-less smartphone. The premium smartphone will be launched by his new company, Essential Products, later this year. But for the time being, let’s talk about the teaser image shared by Rubin.

The teaser image does not reveal anything specific expecting for confirming that it will feature almost zero bezels. The phone resembles the Xiaomi Mi MIX which we saw last year with no bezels. It shows only the top right corner of the smartphone where you can also see a physical button likely to be the power button. While the operating system is unconfirmed at the moment, it will most probably run either stock or some forked Android version.

We first heard about Rubin’s intentions to enter smartphone business last year followed by a new report earlier this year revealing more details. His upcoming smartphone will be at the flagship level and will be competing with Apple and Samsung. This phone is also expected to feature some kind of modularity which will allow users to attach modular accessories. While such an approach did not work well for the LG G5, it will be interesting to see how Rubin approaches this modular design concept.

So what do you think of Rubin’s upcoming bezel-less flagship smartphone? Are you excited for the release? Share your views with us using the comments section below.